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#SpoofChat is an hour-long Twitter chat-fest every Wednesday night at 10PM EST, facilitated by Jermaine Young @tigga7d6 and Adam Dince @adamdince.


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10/7/2015 – The Top Ten Top 10 Lists From The 10 At The Top

SpoofChat Top 10 ListsJoin us at 10PM ET on Weds 10/7/2015 as we spoof Top 10 Lists and the people that write them!

9/30/2015 – Like Or Dislike

Like Or Dislike #SpoofChatJoin us at 10PM ET on Weds 9/30/2015 as we poke fun at the things we’d use a Dislike button for. Get ready for a laughter filled night of spoofing!

9/23/2015 – Celebrating 6 Months of Spoof

Six Months of SpoofChatJoin us at 10PM ET on Weds 9/23/2015 as we go back in time and revisit some of our favorite questions and topics from the past six months of #SpoofChat. Don’t miss this once in a six month event.

9/16/2015 – #SpoofChat To The Future

SpoofChat To The Future

Join us at 10PM ET as we go back to the future to change social media forever. Be there, or #FOMO!

9/9/2015 – The Social Media Secret Society

SpoofChat Social Media Secret Society

Join us at 10PM ET as we initiate #SpoofChat attendees in to a very secretive social media society. Don’t miss the hi-jinx.

9/2/2015 – Trend Chasers–Let’s Talk About it.

SpoofChat Trend ChasersJoin us at 10PM ET on Wednesday evening for a laugh-filled #SpoofChat. Read more about this week’s topic here.

8/26/2015 – “SpoofChat’s Guide To Cheating On Your Day Job” with guest, Cat Tresta, VP of  Data Privacy at

SpoofChat's Guide To Cheating

Join us at 10PM ET on Wednesday evening for a laugh-filled #SpoofChat. Read more about this week’s topic here.

8/19/2015 – The BS barometer on social media has never been higher than it is today. People are tired of the smoke and mirrors. We’re ready for a real leader in social media that sells the truth.

Ted Rubin's SocksThis week, Jermaine Young and I will be interviewing Ted Rubin’s Socks, candidate for President of Social Media. We’ll be asking the hard-hitting questions about what he’d change (besides his socks) about our state of social media. Don’t miss ‪#‎SpoofChat‬, Wednesday @ 10PM ET.

8/12/2015 – #SpoofChat spoofed social media and Game of Thrones—especially those who’ve never seen it. Who doesn’t love a good #GIFwar?


8/5/2015 – #SpoofChat spoofs “Influencers” with our newest influencer certification software, #InstantInfluencer

Catch a bit of the re-cap here!


7/30 – Social media can be a highly productive tool or it can be a huge time suck. Join us tonight at 10PM ET as we come to terms with time wasted social media.

SpoofChat waste of time

7/23 – Tonight, join Jermaine Young and Adam Dince tonight at 10PM ET as we address the social noise machine and self-promoters. Be there or have serious FOMO!

Saving Social Media

7/15 – Get spoofed or die trying! The #SpoofChat Mixtape, Volume 1, Son! Join us at 10PM ET!

SpoofChat Mixtape

7/8 – SpoofChat’s hysterical guide to hanging out–the road trip edition! Join us at 10PM ET!


7/1 –  #SPOOFCHAT’s GUIDE TO #ONLINEDATING with special guest hosts @roxydigital, @LydiaNicoll, @SmartSuiteBree

Get ready for a fun and funny chat about online dating. You’ve heard us spoof everything from social media to the zombie apocalypse. Now we tackle online dating! Join us at 10PM ET / 7PM PT for this can’t miss chat!

SpoofChat Online Dating

6/24 – Dads On Social : The Evolution of Social Dads #Fathersday edition

THIS WEEK ON #SPOOFCHAT WE SPOOF: Dads on social : The evolution of social dads #Fathersday edition. Get ready to laugh at the parent we refer to as dad.

SpoofChat Father's Day

6/17 – Social Media Shagged Me: Marketing, Spies, & Spoof

If you’ve been listening to the buzz across Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere this week, you might have heard that people are getting fed up with the so-called “social media fakers”. In other words, people who dazzle with cute catchphrases and buzzwords but are paper thin in depth. Join us at 10PM ET / 7PM PT as we spoof this topic


6/10 – 2015 Networking and Social Followers Weekend (NSFW) Camp

Yes, we are in full-swing conference season. From the SMX’s, the Moz’s to the SBrandCamps, people are sharing their conference experiences like never before. Join us this Wednesday at 10PM EST / 7PM PT as we spoof what it means to be “social” at a conference. Don’t miss this ROFTLMAOSMHNSWF #SpoofChat


6/3 – Oh No You Didn’t?!

We had laughs* discussing surviving social media etiquette, irritants and issues! Our community members spoofed their best social media tips and tricks during this hysterical chat. And oh yeah, we #trended again!

Oh No You Didn't

5/27 – Network Growth Hacking and Relationship Onboarding

We welcomed special guest, Kendall Spammy, to enlighten us all on LinkedIn growth hacking. What an awesome time talking about the things we love to hate on LinkedIn! We also trended for the 5th week in a row!

Kendall Spammy

5/20 – “The Best Week EVAR”

This past week on #SpoofChat, our awesome community had a bunch of laughs at the expense of the “big” events on social media over the past few days. To make matters even better, we trended for the fourth week in a row!

Best Week Evar

5/13 – “The Millennial Mindset” What a blast it was!

If you missed this week’s #SpoofChat, we don’t know what to tell you, except well—it was on fleek! We had a funtastic time spoofing The #Millennial Mindset – featuring the founder of UR CRAY, @TotesCrayBae. Millennieal CEO Superstar. What’s more, we trended for the third week straight!

Spoofchat Trending

The Millennial Mindset

Don’t miss the next #SpoofChat on 5/20 at 10PM EST!

5/6 – #DisasterResponse, #CrisisManagement & how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse using social media

This week’s #SpoofChat was one of our best ever. We discussed disaster response and crisis management best practices using social media. Not only did we have a hysterical chat, we ended up trending ahead of Tom Brady and Shaq! Don’t miss the next episode on 5/13!

spoofchat54SpoofChat Trend

4/29 – Social Influencers w/Maximus Powers

On 4/29, our special guest, Maximus Powers. Maximus, the world’s leading internet influencer and expert on Millennial matters joined us. Maximus was quite the hit!

Maximus Powers

4/22 – Social Selling #SpoofChat

This past Wednesday we spoofed the concept of social selling. Our community was so awesome that it managed to get#SpoofChat trending on Twitter! Here’s a link to read some of the spoof.

SpoofChat Trend

4/15 – Tax Day #SpoofChat

On tax day, we were fortunate to have Dewey Cheatem and Howe, CPA join us for a fireside chat about common mistakes social media pros make on their taxes. Fresh out of a three and a half year sentence for tax fraud (he tried to write off social sales that never happened), Dewey was ready to share his knowledge about what social social media folks need to know about taxes.