Back To Our #SpoofChat roots

Jermaine and I started #SpoofChat back in April because we saw a big problem on social media. A massive echo chamber of people repeating the nonsense being put out by wanna-be social celebrities and fake influencers. In fact, the idea of #SpoofChat was born out of the frustration we heard from others.

The #SpoofChat tagline, “How you feel in other chats but are afraid to admit” was coined by a member of our community.Maximus Powers

We started #SpoofChat with a mission of protecting the integrity of the social web by making fun of the ridiculousness of the abundant noise. Yeah, we made a lot of people uncomfortable by poking fun at things like:

  • Hugging your haters
  • Being human to other humans
  • Social media “experts”
  • “Influencers” that have accomplished nothing more than selling crappy books that repackage the thought leadership of others
  • Social media “gurus” who stroke client egos to win and keep business
  • Twitter chats that use the same crappy buzzwords like “authenticity” and “transparency”
  • Millennials being so much different than anyone else

Kendall Spammy

Over the months, we’ve found that our community loves #SpoofChat because it’s a place to go on Wednesday nights at 10PM ET to have a few laughs, build relationships and forget about the troubles of our day. Along the way, our chat topics have organically moved away from our original mission to broader interests.

Nevertheless, this past week, we were reminded that our #SpoofChat roots are important. We still have a lot of work to do to make sure that social media gets a dose of “authenticity” where it’s needed most. Starting this week, #SpoofChat goes back to its roots. While we’ll still have fun with hysterical broader topics, we’ll be bringing back the snark in a way that allows us to influence the conversation on social media.

#SpoofChat is a community driven chat experience. If there are topics that you’d like us to cover, please let us know.

Tell us what we should Spoof

In closing, Jermaine and I would like to thank you for being such an awesome community. We really do love our #SpoofChat family and hope to continue to grow it through excellence.

Your Friends,

Adam and Jermaine

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