SpoofChat’s Guide To Cheating On Your Day Job with Cat Tresta

SpoofChat's Guide To Cheating

Join us on August 26th at 10PM ET for this week’s #SpoofChat, “SpoofChat’s Guide To Cheating On Your Day Job” with Cat Tresta, VP of Data Privacy at CattleyMadison.com.

The word “hustle” has never been as popular it is today. Recently, there has been a wave of negative sentiment around people who claim to hustle. However, more than ever, everyone from home repair contractors to advertisers are working overtime on their own “hustle” to help generate more income for their families.

The side-hustle is today’s form of entrepreneurship. And many of us are out there trying to get our hustle on! Fortunately for the #SpoofChat community, we’ve got Cat Tresta, VP of Data Privacy at CattleyMadison.com, to share her best practices on how to cheat on your day job.

Don’t worry, your data is safe with #SpoofChat. We’ll never expose your Twitter handle or how many followers you’ve purchased.

“Careers are short, get a side hustle” – CatleyMadison.com

Cat Tresta’s Bio:


Cat Tresta was appointed President of Trustin’ Hustlin’ Media Inc. in 2007. Before joining the Trustin’ Hustlin’ team, Cat was the CCO (Chief Con Officer) of the Hornswoggle Swindle Corporation, the former operators of CattlyMaddison.com. When CattlyMaddison.com was sold to Trustin’ Hustlin’ Media, Tresta followed the brand and became President of the new parent company.

Under her leadership, CattlyMaddison.com has become the fastest growing dayjob cheating website in the world – realizing over 300% growth since her insertion as company President. In recognition of her contributions to the company’s tremendous success to date, she was appointed President & CEO in mid-2010. Recognizing a future in the you-can-get-away-with-it world, Cat changed career paths and began a distinguished career with CareersAreAJoke Inc. (Now SeriouslyCareersAreNotABigDeal.com– Nasdaq: NOTABIGDEAL), where she not only extended the U.S. business model for CareersAreAJoke.com into the Canadian market, but where she also headed up the development and creation of Worldsidejobsohyeah.com, an international and multi-lingual site representing 26 different and diverse side hustle associations around the globe.

As the face of CattlyMaddison.com, Cat has often been referred to as “The Queen of Fleece.” She even published a book called Hustlers Prosper: How Side Gigs Will Save The Modern Family. In truth, she is a family woman who is happily day jobbing, with two side hustles. Cat holds a law degree from Dupe Hall Law School and currently lives in Flimflam, Ontario.


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