Trend Chasers—Let’s Talk About It

SpoofChat Trend Chasers

Join us on Wednesday, 9/2, at 10PM ET for this week’s #SpoofChat. Don’t miss this week’s episode as we spoof trend chasers and the trends they chase.

We all love bright shiny objects. Yet, only a few are brave enough to leave their spouse, family and career behind to be Jedi Masters of marketing trends.

Chasing trends is expensive. You need microphones, cameras, cool fedoras and plenty of Applebee’s gift cards to give away to those who follow along. You need the backing of agencies willing to sell anything to anyone. You need a bedroom with good acoustics. And most importantly, you need to be ready to be spoofed!

Don’t miss this “can’t miss” #SpoofChat, this Wednesday at 10PM ET.


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