Social Media Policy

Yes, #SpoofChat does have a social media policy!

SpoofChat is all for fun. Nothing you read should be taken seriously. Seriously.
SpoofChat does not tolerate hate, racism, sexism, or any other unkind “ism”. We do not support nor promote religious, sexual orientation, political, or personal vendetta bashing either. Spoof Chat is a safe place to exchange ideas and unwind and not a place for hate. Now hug!

Spoof Chat asks that spoofing only occur during the actual chat. There are times when spoofing happens out in the wild but be respectful of other chats and do not disrupt them with the spoof chat tag or spoof chat content.

Spoof Chat can not defend you from copyright violations so all material shared is at your own risk. Basically do not steal from others to try to be funny because that’s just lame.

Spoof Chat will not support nor tolerate images, content, links, or material of an overt sexual nature. Innuendo is often exchanged tastefully but pornography and pornographic videos or graphics are not acceptable.

There are several hashtags you need to know in order to get your point across in a chat:

  • #NoSpoof – Tweet anything serious or off subject can also be used to take a timeout
  • #VOR – Voice of reason. Not participating but chatting seriously
  • #SpoofParent – Acting as an authority figure during a funny chat earns you this label
  • #HasTag / #HagTag – A spoofer who misspells words and or has very bad grammar
  • #DNR – Do not repost. If material is exchanged that a spoofer does not want shared DNR covers that. Respect the Tag! Respect it!

SpoofChat has several moderators that carry what is referred to as Hashtag Badges. These badges signify how they earned their position and they can also be consulted if you need help during a chat.